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2009 Rd.2 Rally Norway


かるくDay2 SS16終わりのコメントでもテキトーに
“Yes it was very hard today and I will have to push very hard again tomorrow. I couldn’t have driven much better today and I have made no mistakes but I will have to go flat out to keep Mikko behind me. It is better that he is a few seconds behind instead of just one second.”
Day1から出走順にこだわらなかったのが吉とでてますね。 久しぶりにスノーで勝っちゃう?

“It has not been a great day for me today. I have had such a big fight with Seb but he is just that little bit faster all the time. I have to make myself go flat out tomorrow to try to catch him back.”
“My car is better for me this afternoon. We have put on softer springs which suits my driving style more. Now the plan for tomorrow is to try to put a little pressure on the two in front of me and at the same time make sure I don’t lose third place.”
ポジションキープかよっ ちょっとじゃなくってビシビシTOP2にプレッシャーをかけて欲しいところ

“This has not been my best afternoon I can tell you. I had the engine on two or three cylinders and we had to stop in a stage to see what it was but we couldn’t fix it. Then there has been the problem with the throttle sticking as well. It has not been fun. “
やはり型落ちつー感じ?4気筒エンジンで3気筒や2気筒エンジンになっちゃうなんて やはりそーいうマシンを引いちゃう系?

“Everything is working well on the car and I am going to push very hard tomorrow to please the fans. Wherever I go in the world I always drive for the fans you know!”
まあ ここでかましておかないとスポンサー様に申し訳ないっすからねぇ<あのオレンジはノルウェー国内の家電量販店だったはず
“I think I will like the stages tomorrow more than these today. I don’t have much experience of these because I retired last year and didn’t do many of them but it will be a big battle with Petter I am sure.”
ペターと互角にって う~みゅ相変わらず微妙な子やねぇ 今日はいきなりロングでハイスピードなステージだから離されちゃわないよーにね
“I am happy with this afternoon but the rhythm is not there yet.”
アイルランドではよかったけどね ターマックが得意なの?

が、うまく交換出来なかったらしく特に高速のフラットアウト区間ではダメダメだったみたいbyRALLY Xモバイル


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