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2009 Rd.3 FxPro Cyprus Rally



ロウブ “I had a spin and I stalled in the stage and lost about five seconds. I didn’t take any risks, but it is quite a fight out there.”
5秒で済んだかぁ つーか結構ミスしているのね

ヒルボネン “The stage was a challenge, but I am not able to find Sébastien’s level at the moment.”
だーかーらー もっと虚勢でもいいから張ったら?白旗あげちゃいます的な発言はファンに対してマイナスじゃね?

ソルド “I lost time in the stage when I stalled but I am quite happy.”
いやいや もっとガツガツしないと どんどんミッコに離されちゃいますYO?

ラトバラ “It has been a big disaster. On the last stage I had to run for about one kilometre to get some spectators to help me put the car back on the road. We have lost a lot of points and this is a big disaster for our challenge for the Manufacturers’ Championship.”
そーね。フォードだけではなく 見ていたり イロイロな形で観戦しているみんなにとってもBIGな災害ですな

ヘニング Arrived at the stage finish with a front right-hand puncture.

マシュー “It feels good today. We have shown a big improvement on yesterday and I am happy.”

ノビコフ “I will try to push this afternoon and catch Matthew Wilson.”
完走が目的だったのでは? バトルしちゃう?

ペター “It could have been better, but we will let the Citroens have their own battle at the top and I will continue to look at my times.”

オジェ The car sported a large dent in the roof. “The windscreen wipers stopped working and it caused me to roll.”
 しかし屋根を凹ませましたか 昼のサービスで直せるのかな? はっ 大ハンマーの出番かっ!


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