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2009 Rd.3 FxPro Cyprus Rally


ロウブ“This morning was a wake-up.” When asked how bad the mud was, “We drove for about 3 kilometres in 1st gear.” Changed suspension, brake pads and bumpers and ‘de-mudded’ the car.
サスペンションをチェンジっすか セッティングはどうなんだろう?

ソルド Stalled the engine near the end of SS9 and had to reverse to get going again. Changed the suspension all round.

ヒルボネン“It was nothing unexpected. In Cyprus, when it’s wet you know it’s mud with a capital M.” Routine service plus replaced the gear sensor, rear bumper corners, front bumper unit, engine fan and sumpguard.
結構 換えてますね リアのバンパーはお約束かぁ<ジャパンでも無くなっていた

ラトバラ When he went off in SS8, half the car was still on the racing line and two wheels were in the air. Jari-Matti had spotted spectators near the bridge, so he ran back and got them to help. Routine service plus changed front bumper unit, front wing, clutch and engine fan.

ヘニング “The engine is not pulling well. The beast isn’t there. Is it a casualty from yesterday?” Routine service plus changed suspension settings.
昨日走ってないから まだセッティングが決まってない系?<でも昨日はターマックだし

ノビコフ“We had a bad morning. I had a puncture in SS7 when the tyre came off the rim. Then in SS8 we lost time when we touched the bridge and stalled the engine. And we stalled again later. Front suspension and rear differential changed.

ペター “We had a good run this morning.” Has some overheating issues.
オーバーヒートの問題って 低速でドロがラジエターを塞いじゃうのカナ?

オジェ When asked about the non-functional windscreen wipers, he said it was because there was no water left in the bottle. He rolled twice but his main concern is the loss of time. Service crew fixed car by panel beating and taping.
大ハンマー 使っちゃった系?>panel beating


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