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2009 Rd.6 Rally d'Italia Sardegna


LATVALA – (Long hug with Malcolm Wilson at the finish).
I am happy, very happy, I hadnot won an event for nearly one and a half years,
and after many retirements, accidents,mechanical problems and things which went wrong,
this time everything went well. Last year at the finish
I promised that this year I would have won, and I kept my word.
I was lucky to be first on the stages this morning,
there was a lot of moist and dust remained in the air.
I really wanted to win in Sardinia,
this is always a difficult rally, one of my favourites.
せやね。 一時はもうクビ シート喪失とか言われていましたからこの勝利でまた再び道が開けましたね

MALCOLM WILSON – My heart decided, I did not want to give team orders because
psychologically this victory was too important for a young driver like Latvala.
信じて使い続けてきた結果でしょうか。 ローブを倒せるのは彼だ と言ってましたしね

CHRISTIAN LORIAUX (Ford Chief Engineer) – The pre-event testing was essential for
us, that is where we fine-tuned the car. Markko Martin’s indications were very important,
they confirmed that we were going in the right direction.
今回 ノートラブルはやはりマルコの力がかなりあった系でしたか。

HIRVONEN – (Smiles at last). Everything Ok, after the first loop I understood immediatelt
that I would not have won, and so I thought about the championship. Maybe Friday’s
mistake cost me a lot, starting behind Loeb yesterday would have been an advantage.
ラトバラにDay1最終ステージ 全開アタック指令が出ただろうからヨシ!なのではないかと

PETTER SOLBERG – I’m third, incredible, I honestly didn’t expect it. The car went very well and I had lots of fun.
最後 ステアリングトラブルが出たそーだけど なんとかなりましたねぇ~

LOEB – This result is not dramatic, I cannot always win. In fact we finished third, this was the best possible result for us today.
しかし、前に同じようにシートベルトの件でシトロエン乗りは罰則を食らってますから 伝統?

NOVIKOV – I am satisfied, it’s my best result in the World Championship. Mine was a great race, a wonderful rally with beautiful stages.
やっと 満足のいくラリーが出来た系? 路上を走れていればトラブルなんて起きないもんですYO

PROKOP – I am happy, an important victory for the championship.

AL-ATTIYAH – An incredible victory, at the very end. A great satisfaction for me and my codriver Giovanni Bernacchini, who won in his home event.
本当に二転三転しましたからねぇ~ つーかインプレッサが勝ったのは久しぶり?


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