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2009 Rd.8 Rally Poland


ロウブ “I have no race today. I just try to finish driving through. Yesterday we had a good time, but today we are just driving through.”
しゃーないやん やっちまったんだから 来年はスーパーラリーシステムは大幅に変わるみたいだからねぇ
ソルド “I had a mistake in my notes and I went straight on at a very slow corner,”

ミッコ ”It’s not bad, we are much ahead.”
ラトバラ “It was a good stage for us but the roads are very tricky and there are a lot of narrow places. It’s the same feeling driving in the Manx Rally but, on the gravel, you have massive banks that you don’t know and you can’t see much from the narrow road.”

マシュー “It was quite difficult. There was quite a long section on tarmac and it was really, really slippery. I think there we lost a lot of time in this section. But we have no massive problems. I just try to keep it going.”
ヘニング “I drive my best, looks like Ogier is just faster, I am quite happy. I drive my best.”

ノビコフ Front bumper hanging off. “We had a scary moment on the stage. It was a very narrow section and we hit a bump. It looks like we have a puncture. We need to change the tyre.”
そんなに攻め込む必要は無いのにぃ 練習なのカナ?
坊ちゃん “The aim is to get to the finish earlier! The stages are very tricky. I am not so confident. The car is good enough, so we'll see.”

ペター Arrived at the stage finish with engine oil leaking and spraying on to the windscreen and smoke coming from under the bonnet. “I don’t know what happened. I can’t see through the windscreen.”
をいをいをい ってWRCレディオで慌てていたのはこんな状態だったからぁ 酷いねぇ

マッド Reported to be off the road and stuck with no damage to the car and no chance to get back on the stage.

EU議員 “First of all it’s a first stage. You must find a solution and a good rhythm. For me, it’s always start is not so fast. The spectators are just wonderful, just like yesterday. There are a lot of fans, which makes me very happy. We are getting closer to Matthew. That’s good. I am going to push and try to beat Matthew!”
マジで捕らえられそうな気がするぅ~ でもちょっと届かないカナ?


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