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2009 Rd.8 Rally Poland



ロウブ “It is better than nothing. I am fine. I am happy to take the point and now I must look at the next time.”
ソルド “It is very nice to be on the podium. Honestly, maybe I have to go faster in Finland.”
ソーデスネ フィンランドでは上位に着そうですね C4に問題が無ければ

ミッコ “It’s a great feeling for me to win. It’s unbelievable.”
ナニがアンビリーバボーなのカナ? ひょっとしてラトバラ?<おいおい
ラトバラ Crashed his Ford into a barrier on a right-hand bend and was stuck with broken front suspension and a small fire.
まさかだよねぇ~ しかも動けなくなるほどだとは

マシュー “You would have thought that two or three years ago we (Stobart) would have had 250 championship points.”
ヘニング “Yes we are happy to be here. I have been struggling. I am more happy now than Friday!”

ノビコフ “It was a very fast rally. Several big moments. We had no problems with the car. So, it is good experience.”
でも YOUにはつーかYOURペースノートには問題がありましたけどね
坊ちゃん “We lost all the time in the stage before, but the team has the point it needed. We enjoyed the rally. That was one of those things. You have to think about the future and we can look now to Finland.”
と言っても 一応チャンプとは別なチームやん。。。中身は一緒なんだろーけど

ペター “I know that in this car I cannot keep up. Maybe for Finland we have another car. If not, then maybe I don’t go there.”
ナンデストー!? フィンランドは307WRCですって?<いやいや違う車としか書いてないから
EU議員 “Yes I am really happy. When you start after five years without WRC. Now it is a fantastic feeling. A lot of spectators here and a great atmosphere. It was a very good rally.”
スポット参戦とは思えない安定感でした さすがポーランドのヒーローラリーストです


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