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2009 Rd.10 Repco Rally Australia


Car 2. SORDO/MARTI また軽くミスしちゃいましたか まあセカンドの仕事は出来ているからヨシ?
“I pushed too hard at the end, I went out of the line. I made a couple of mistakes on this stage.”

Car 1. LOEB/ELENA タクティクスやって勝てなかったら笑いモノですYO
“It has been a good morning, no problems, we are pushing very hard, Miko is also pushing very hard, on some stages I went a bit wide, I am very happy with it, I hope we can keep it up for this afternoon.”

Car 4. LATVALA/ANTTILA オジェに先行されちゃってぇ。。。。
“Yeah it was a good time, unfortunately I am not competitive anymore, I stuffed up and got a puncture earlier this morning. I need to make sure I get through to the end, and get the manufacturers points for the team.”

Car 12. OGIER/INGRASSIA 仕事してますのー
“Yeah it was okay for me this morning, I saw Jari-Matti got a puncture, we just need to get through and finish in front of him.”

Car 6. SOLBERG/MENKERUD マスーに負けているのはどーかと?
“I am just trying my best all the way, the car is working well.”

Car 5. WILSON/MARTIN ありゃりゃん
“I got a puncture, back left hand side, the tyre is still on the rim. I slid wide near the start, the tyre pressure was low, and we knocked it off the rim. It is time to go forwards now.”

Car 9. VILLAGRA/COMPANC 完走するだけですね
“It has been good for us, a good stage, we are trying to find a good stage rhythm, we are enjoying the day so far.”

“It was not too bad actually, a very nice stage, building confidence, we are getting there, yeah for sure, we had a confidence issue but it is getting better, we can push a bit more.”

“We have gone better today, setting a good pace and trusting the notes. Michael did a good job for sure putting them together!”


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